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What is mushroom tea good for?

Drinking mushroom tea may provide many health benefits. The most typical health benefits related to medicinal mushrooms are boosting immune system, improving mental health including age-related diseases and relieving stress and anxiety, and aiding digestion. Buy mushroom tea online Australia, Golden teacher tea for sale Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Victoria, Queensland, Adelaide, Brisbane, NSW,

Can I drink mushroom tea everyday?

Some types may be more preferable at certain times of the day due to the varying functional properties of each mushroom, but you really can consume any of our teas at any hour. Drinking mushroom tea regularly will not only help you stay hydrated, but it may also support your daily functioning and overall health.

If you want to avoid eating dried magic mushrooms, consuming via a steeped tea is an excellent way to enjoy magic mushrooms. Some of the positives of a tea is that the onset will be quicker than eating dried mushrooms and the taste more pleasant. Be warned the effects will be slightly shorter in overall length compared to eating magic mushrooms. For best results, let the tea bag steep in hot but non-boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes.

Ingredients: 3000mg Golden Teachers, Sangria Tea

Can Chaga be harmful?

Changa mushrooms can lower blood sugar, which can make it dangerous for those taking insulin or other blood sugar-lowering medications. Consuming changa could cause hypoglycemia, or a serious drop in blood sugar. Chaga may also interfere with blood clotting.

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Showing all 2 results