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Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria


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Buy dried Amanita Muscaria mushroom caps in our shop. We guarantee discretion, good value and the best experience. We provide free worldwide shipping.

The practice of collecting and drying Amanita Muscaria caps for many years allowed us to understand the secrets of this one of the most famous mushrooms. We know when and how to collect mushroom caps correctly. We are picking it for years in forests of Latvia and Lithuania. Our mushroom drying technology allows you to offer Fly Agaric caps of excellent color, strong mushroom odor and extremely good taste.

The mushrooms are dried at a temperature not higher than 104 Fahrenheit in a special dryer. The mushrooms are then stored in a dry, dark and cool place to keep the humidity inside the mushroom below 15 percent. Find more information on how we do ours business to perfection on our blog.

Amanita Muscaria For Sale

The Fly Agaric, , is a hallucinogen  and must be considered poisonous. These attractive fungi  often appear in groups and are a common sight in all kinds of woodlands. Wherein the mycel itself shapes a beneficial interaction with trees.

Amanita Muscaria can be found close to Birches, Pines or Firs, in North/South America, the entirety of Europe, northern Asia and western Alaska, however it has likewise been found in beneficial interaction with eucalypti in Australia, to flourish in unadulterated Linden timberlands in Norway and in blended woodland in with different trees. The intensity of the mushrooms isn’t unsurprising and – simply like with enchantment mushrooms  . Fluctuates extraordinarily and incites a dubious high (or not. Various conventional societies made/utilize this (profoundly underestimated) mushroom with its psychoactive substances muscimol (otherwise called muscamol) and ibotenic corrosive . They valued the hallucinogenic impacts while the last countries downgraded it to a fly anti-agents, henceforth the usually realized name Fly Agaric.

Amanita Muscaria Effects

A “trip” on Amanita Muscaria is totally different from one on mescaline, LSD or . Typical effects are (among others): distorted and/or altered hearing and taste, change of visual and sensory perception change of visual and sensory perception , total tranquility of mind and pure euphoria. Known side-effects are excessive salivation, ataxia and mild cases of increased transpiration. Amanita Muscaria induces – just like magic mushrooms – an unpredictable high, sometimes mind boggling. The duration of an Amanita Muscaria experience can be anything from 4 to 10 hours.

Amanita Muscaria Trip

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