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1P-LSD Blotters

1P-LSD Blotters


1P-LSD Blotters – 100mcg

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What exactly is 1P LSD?
1P-LSD is a Research Chemical that belongs to the lysergamide class. All lysergamides comprise a number of compounds with potent agonist and/or antagonist activities at various serotonin and dopamine receptors. We also offer 1P-LSD microblotters.
What is the correct 1P-LSD dosage?
More information about 1P-LSD can be found here:

Do you have questions about 1P LSD?
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1P-LSD effects & 1P-LSD experiences
1P-LSD is a Research Chemical, which means that not much research has been done on the substance yet. The possible effects of 1P-LSD and experiences you can experience with 1P-LSD are:
– It works hallucinating
– It gives a creative boost
– It brings out euphoria and empathy

Important information when purchasing 1P-LSD
– For sale only for research purposes
– Prevent the release of Research Chemicals into the environment
Warnings 1P-LSD
– 1P-LSD can cause respiratory irritation
– 1P-LSD can cause eye irritation
What is the best way to store 1P-LSD?
1P-LSD is best stored in a cool, dry place. Keep 1P-LSD away from heat and open flame. With proper storage, Research Chemicals can be stored for at least 1 to 2 years. Order 1P-LSD online. Simple, discreet and fast delivery. We ship 1P LSD for free. Ordered before 16:00 = delivered tomorrow.


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1P-LSD Blotters – 100mcg
We provides 1P-LSD in the form of Blotters & Pellets in a range of potency.. What we have here 100mcg, but also 20mcg & 150mcg..
1-propionyl-LSD also known as 1P-LSD is a LSD analgoue. 100% legal accross most of the EU (do your checks).
All Research Chemicals such as 1P-LSD etc are for research only..
An LSD analogue which appears to be slightly more potent with a shorter duration. Its effects are reported to be extremely similar to LSD, and thus far seems to be similarly safe. Released in late 2014, It has quickly become a highly popular research chemical due to its implicit legality, similarity to LSD and wide availability on the Internet.

Harm potential

Not Habit-Forming
Source: PsychonautWiki

This dosage information is gathered from users and resources for educational purposes only. It is not a recommendation and should be verified with other sources for accuracy. Buy 1p-lsd blotters online Queensland, 1P lsd for sale Australia, Best quality 1p lsd blotters, 1P lsd supplier Sydney, Melbourne, NSW, perth.


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